Diving Courses
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The following are a selection of articles on diving courses by Andrew Whitehead that were published in Dive Log Australasia

The author attended and later sat in on these advanced training courses again for the purposes of writing about them.  The author is an experienced recreational diver, not a professional diving instructor.  Consequently the articles focus on 'what we did' rather than 'how to do it'.  They also provide an example of the quality and level of training that a new diver should be looking for.

Diving Courses

March 2002 Advanced Diving Techniques A course which reinforces the basic open water skills and covers the additional skills and safety procedures that are needed for enjoyable boat diving.
Nov 2001 Nitrox Diver The use of Nitrox pushes you towards using better equipment and having a more disciplined approach to diving.
July 2001 Deep Diver Specialty The next big step: learning the skills to dive beyond the recreational limit of 30 metres, and to use the additional safety equipment that goes with it.
Sep 2000 Diver Lifesaver Specialty A search was conducted and the inert diver was located, retrieved, towed, EAR’d, stripped of gear, and carried up the beach for CPR and oxygen administration.

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