Dive Computer
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Two different dive computers Dive Computers

The dive computer has become as much an integral part of scuba diving as the buoyancy compensator.  As such, its basic functions should be covered in an Open Water course.  In an Advanced Open Water course, time should be given to identifying and explaining the built-in functionality of each diverís computer so that they can make full use of its capabilities.  As with all these electronic gadgets, there is a considerable difference in price, features and functionality between a basic dive computer and, for example, an air-integrated Nitrox computer.

A Nitrox dive computer can be set in the field for one or more gas mixes. A Nitrox computer should have a depth alarm which should be set to the Maximum Operating Depth of the gas mix being used. An air-integrated Nitrox computer should display the remaining bottom time under unchanged diving conditions.


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